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David Burke & Lisa Burke


To provide community members with safe, clean, affordable living conditions in positive environments


To become the largest locally family owned and operated property management company in the treasure valley


Bring family values back to the work place and to provide investors and stakeholders with a profitable portfolio

About Us


Hello, my name is David M. Burke Sr. I am co-owner and operator of DLB Rental Properties LLC. I was born and raised in Endwell New York to Edward and Margret Burke. I attended Endicott schools, but did not graduate because both of my parents had disabling childhood conditions that got progressively worse. I got a paper route early in the mornings and evenings to earn extra income to help support our household. I also worked as a dishwasher, busboy, and general cleaner fulltime days at a local restaurant. I got a job part-time working for the local McDonalds on my days off at the restaurant. In my spare time, when not working or caring for my parents; I found time to go roller skating at the Roller Dome in Endwell N.Y.

My wife Lisa Casey was born and raised in Binghamton New York to Joseph and Patricia Casey. Joe Casey had worked for Singer Link in Conklin N.Y. for thirty plus years. Lisa graduated from Binghamton Central High School class of 1981. Lisa is the youngest of three siblings in her family and I am the youngest of five. We both enjoyed roller skating at the roller dome where we had started dating in September of 1979.

I had made the decision to join the United States Army and went to Basic Training as an Infantryman at Ft. Jackson South Carolina. I have served at four state side posts, two overseas assignments, and have deployed twice to Grenada and Dessert Storm, Shield and Calm. I left active duty after eleven years of faithful service and finished my time in several different Reserve and National Guard units across the nation.


I graduated the New Mexico Corrections Academy at the Penitentiary of New Mexico and worked as a correctional officer, sergeant, lieutenant, disciplinary  officer, and hearing officer at all four facilities from custody levels community corrections to the worst of the worst. I made the transfer from State Corrections to Private Corrections and joined the Corrections Corporation of America family, working at several different facilities and in many different roles.


Upon retiring from corrections is when Lisa and I started evaluating the economy and job markets. We thought long and hard, we conducted hours of research, reviewed census reports, and diversity information. We studied the local county’s unemployment numbers, welfare, and government assistance programs. We then made the commitment to become property investors and property managers in April 2012. I attended Brown Mackie College of Boise  from June 2015 to May 2017, and Graduated with a 3.93 GPA in Business Management.


DLB Rental Properties LLC was originated with the intent of being a family owned and operated property management company. Our three sons already have their career paths chosen, so we started this as a legacy for our seven grandchildren and their children. This gives them the choice of entering in to the family business to run someday or college monies to become anything they want to be. DLB Rental Properties wants to bring family values back to the work place, we have the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust.


Please feel free to take a few minutes and navigate around our site and learn more about us and our company. Thank you for your time and learning about us, we hope to hear from you soon.

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