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What sets Us apart:


DLB Rental Properties is here to serve you. We have a wide range of property management services including: Residential, Commercial and Home Owners Association, also investors, and property owners. DLB Rental Properties LLC is an Ada County and Canyon County based property management. DLB Rental Properties LLC is bringing family values back to the workplace. We are incorporating the values of honesty to our consumer, customers, and employee’s. Integrity to the highest level of professionalism and in our trademark, and Trust in our brand, name, staff, and word.

As an income property owner, you regard your holdings as investments to produce current and long term income. It matters little if you hold a single unit or multiple housing units. Every situation is unique, but managing a single property or many is an involved project. It requires certain skills and a strong temperament to collect the rents, handle requests and moderate complaints and in general, keep tenants happy. You need  an understanding, yet authoritative figure at the helm to handle the needs of the many unique  individuals that make up your tenant base and ultimately your cash flow.

We also care so much about the community. We are the only property management company today that is working with the Veterans Administration to assist them in housing homeless veterans and their families. Going to public forums and getting free advertisement never hurts to generate new business. This also would give a tax break and helps people in need, it helps with networking of other services. Whether you’ve made the decision to rent out your house, or are exploring alternative selling solutions (i.e. rent to own, land contract, owner financing), as top-notch property managers, we can provide you with many unique solutions to help you adapt to the local real estate market and rent out your house.


Properties that are professionally managed by skilled and knowledgeable Managers are more likely to have lower expenditures, more frequent rental rate increases and higher overall market values.Whether you own one or one hundred units, property management can help you to streamline your real estate maintenance and development services. Including tenant occupied or vacant estates, we assess your portfolio and offer custom management solutions. Whether it is office or retail space, we can assist all of your business management and consulting needs. We offer turn-key services, and will handle all of your needs from leasing and rent collection to preventative maintenance and construction oversight. Maintaining an association is no easy task. Our team will help create a custom management service to fit your association’s specific needs. We offer assistance in management, consulting, and accounting for your organization. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and pride ourselves in providing management services that are fully customizable, and work for you and your association. Transparency and integrity are our most upheld values, and in order to let you comfortably experience what it means to work with DLB Rental properties.


To provide community members with safe, clean, affordable living conditions in positive environments


To become the largest locally family owned and operated property management company in the treasure valley


Bring family values back to the work place and to provide investors and stakeholders with a profitable portfolio

What Can We Do For You?

No matter what you need in all your property management needs, we are always here to help. I urge you to call us today before you sign that paper to buy that new investment property. Finally, Why Should You Consider Hiring a management Company, Specifically DLB? There are many reasons why hiring a property management company might make sense for you.


  • Setting Rent Rates. … Unless you live in a community or have a strong business relationship to the community, you have no idea what the standing rate for property might be most new owners can lose potential income if rental rates are below market or have an overabundance of vacant units if rental prices are too high.

  • If you are located miles away from your property, your unit can suffer from neglect and abuse and a high vacancy rate.

  • Live Nearby to Your Rental Properties? You can participate in the management of your ptopertyilding.

  • Vendor Relationships. … take advantage of volume discounts, connections, supplies and more

  • Volume means savings.  The power of numbers can help owners with lower costs on supplies, insurance and more Expertise in Today’s Rental Marketing

  • Strategies. … there are a dozen ways to skin a varmint, but a management company can offer many innovative advertising and promotional offers that appeal to potential renters

  • Finding High-Quality Tenants. …a management company knows the legal; implications and techniques to attract and keep new tenants. They often can offer lower rates on classified advertising

  • Your Time is Limited. … we do it cash the checks

  • Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws .DLB knows the law. Reduce your legal fees

  • Ability to Invest in Hot Rental Markets. Wit a strong team behind you, you have the time to search out the hottest markets  to invest in.

  • Our tenant appreciation on certain holidays program is the only one in existence. This serves two purposes, one to decrease the rent by $25.00 it provides a meal or gift from the owner to the tenant to strengthen the bond and build trust. Also it will help make up the tenants mind to stay longer, second the owner can write it off as a donation on their taxes.

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